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Oak N2 lounge chair

Nathan Yong is the man behind the N-chair collection. "I like my designs to evoke a sense of wonder", he says, and that is exactly how we feel about this seating range.

Some furniture is designed to fit convention and with an eye towards elegance. The N2 Lounge Chair by Ethnicraft takes the “fitting” aspect just a little bit further. The N2 Lounge Chair is designed to fit you, reclining, the way only someone like designer Nathan Yong could, with an eye towards the anatomy. Lounging has never been so easy.

Ethnicraft has been designing organic, modern, and ageless furnishing from solid wood and constructing quality wood designs that will last for years on end. Ethnicraft carries versatile and functional pieces that will coordinate with many styles, at the same time each piece of solid wood is hardwearing and matures gracefully over the course of time. A distinguished and sustainable material, Ethnicraft’s strong wood is derived from thoroughly maintained forests.

The Oak N2 Lounge Chair is available with the following:
  • Material: Solid oak wood
  • Designed by Nathan Yong
    • Dimensions: Length 23", Width 27", Height 28", Weight 24.3Lbs

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