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Entry Level Milling Apprentice



3oak creates handcrafted furniture, wood art and adjacent products with uncompromised quality using techniques that have stood the test of time for thousands of years. We are a small company that intends to stay small but highly profitable, building one-of-a-kind products for people that appreciate uniquely designed handcrafted items. The wood used to craft these pieces is sourced and milled by 3oak directly from the beautiful forests of North Carolina where Maple, Walnut, Oak and other beautiful species grow in abundance.
We are craftsmen pursuing art in everything we do.

Job Description

The Entry Level Milling Apprentice (MA) will be responsible for sourcing, milling and kilning wood for 3oak’s handcrafted products. As a MA you will learn proper milling techniques including but not limited to wood selection, milling styles, milling equipment and kilining. You will also be responsible for preparing wood for 3oak’s handcrafted products. This includes jointing, planing and cutting wood to rough and final dimensions. This position also provides growth opportunities for those interested in developing their overall woodworking skills to build handcrafted furniture.

● Source and acquire wood for milling
● Learn to use 3oaks milling capabilities (Wood-Mizer LT40, Lucas Mill, Vacuum Kiln)
● Rough Mill wood
● Sharpen blades and chains
● Stack and store lumber
● Prep wood for furniture use (joint and plane)
● Learn to finish furniture (sanding, oiling etc…)
● Take on entry level woodworking projects
● Provide shop and tool maintenance

● Self starter that enjoys working both outdoors and indoors
● Enjoys physical work
● Has a passion for learning
● Team player, strong cultural fit
● Enjoys working with wood in many different applications
● Service oriented

Starting Pay
$12.00 - $15.00 per hour
*Negotiable based on background and skill level.


Please email your resume to

or visit 3oak to apply in person.

3oak Handcrafted
222 S. Broad Street
Brevard NC 28712




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