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We are makers who partner with makers sharing our passion in the value of craft and craftsmanship to bring truly unique products to market.

"It is our deepest respect for the tree... that we may offer [it] a second life." - GEORGE NAKASHIMA

From Tree to Finished Piece

We have invested in the capability to take a tree and transform it into a finished product enabling us to be selective about the wood we source, ensuring it is ethically harvested and has the figure and grain pattern we feel will differentiate the final product. An added benefit to this investment is our ability to create heirloom pieces from trees that have been sourced from our clients (e.g. dying, storm damaged, clear cutting for construction). We are humbled to be given the privilege of transforming a tree from its life in nature to a piece that will bring joy for generations.

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Pick a craft impossible to master and you will never stop learning. We are inspired by other wood workers' past and present who have excelled at this craft and passionate about improving on a craft we know we will never master.

Our Approach

We are design centric makers. We involve our clients in every step of the process from design choices through wood selection. We strive to exceed our clients expectations. Nothing we do gives us greater satisfaction than seeing how people love and use our products in the story of their lives.

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handcrafted with legacy in mind

3oak Handcrafted team during our Adopt-A-Highway clean up day.  #SlamDunkTheJunk #NoPlanetB
No animals were harmed in the making of this photogragh!

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