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Black & Indigo Jumpsuit

Black jumpsuit with inside cuffs in Indigo. Roll up your sleeve to see the indigo or not. Made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton. Fresh, modern and sooo comfortable. We stick with our values focusing on color and texture with a sustainable product. 
S/M: Measures 42" around waist,  measures 41" in length from underarm to hem, measures 31" from shoulder to crotch.
M/L: Measures 46" around waist,  measures 43.5" in length from underarm to hem, measures 32" from shoulder to crotch.
PROCESS: The cotton fabric is hand-spun and woven by artisans from West Bengal. The jumpsuits are then dyed, cut and sewn by a fair trade  cooperative Rajasthan, India. The check fabric is made with an ancient technique called mud-resist.
CARE: The dye in the fabric may bleed when you first wash it. You can use a gentle washing machine or wash by hand if you want to take extra care of your jumper!

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