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Knitting Chair, Sheepskin Upholstery

Please Note: Sheepskin is a natural material and may vary in texture, color, etc. for each product

Defined by an exposed, triangular construction, a gently curved seat and back ideally pitched for relaxation, and distinctive cut-outs for resting the elbows when reading (or, of course, knitting), the Knitting Chair affirmed Kofod-Larsen’s reputation as a master of proportion and unexpected, sculptural form. It was put into production, but only as a limited edition. Since then, the elegant, inventive design has become an increasingly valuable and sought-after collector’s item.

The Knitting Chair is beautiful from every angle, making it easy to place anywhere in a room. Given the chair’s enveloping comfort, it has a relatively small footprint, which makes it an easy fit in compact interiors as well as in more spacious ones. The design also stands out on comfort, the result of Kofod-Larsen’s constant care to ensure ideal angles and lumbar support. The clean, sculptural lines, achieved through the designer’s close work with joiners, and the high-end, natural materials make for an unforgettable, conversation-sparking silhouette.

Ib’s furniture was rooted in reality,” says the designer’s son, Jan Kofod-Larsen. He took a lot of pride in his work, and was iterative in the design process, working closely with his manufacturers to get every detail just right. His hope was to create design that would endure, both functionally and aesthetically. So there is a clear parallel with MENU’s design philosophy: the ideal of keeping the best, and leaving the rest. Ib would have been very happy to see that people continue to appreciate Norm Architects is furniture today. And I think he would have enjoyed MENU’s approach and focus on creating for the future while respecting the past.”

  • 35.7"H x 28.1"W x 26.3" D
  • Seat Height: 11.8"
  • Weight: 24.3 lbs.

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