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Shou Sugi Bean - 12oz

Our 3oak Signature Blend combines our passion of woodworking and fresh, locally roasted coffee.

DARK: french roast, full-bodied coffee, bold, low acidity, hints of spiciness

We have dubbed this signature blend as the Sou Sugi Bean after the ancient Japanese art of preserving and finishing wood using fire, known as Shou Sugi Ban. Pisgah Roasters has used the perfect amount of time and temperature to bring out the optimal notes, oils, and flavor in each Arabica bean. 

Pisgah Coffee Roasters is a farmer direct coffee company where sustainability and traceability are a top priority. This practice not only provides the farmer with fairer wages on their product, but also gives us the ability to know exactly where our beans are coming from. We pride ourselves on bringing you gourmet coffee, from the seed to your cup.

We hope you love this handcrafted roast as much as we do! 

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