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trivet duo - terracotta

Meet the 21 cm trivet, born and raised exclusively by Aveva in 2022. Handcrafted from 100% wool, every trivet is unique and designed to protect your surface from burns and other marks.

Care info:

  • Hand wash or dry clean. To remove dirt, let it dry and gentle brush it off. Do not wash in machine or natural oils of the wool will be removed. 
  • Colors are AZO-free (no chemicals) and can they fade with strong sunlight.
  • Do not use when wet since colors can fade off to the surface.
  • Only use clean pots on the trivet to avoid stains from the stove.
  • Wool is not flammable but can burn, so we recommend using up to 200-220 degrees.

Ø: 21
Height: 2 cm
Weight: 110 g
Material: 100% naturally dyed wool

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