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Tropical Landscape Wool Rug

This piece is a result of a collective effort working together with artisans with whom we have established a long term relationship through the years. Every artisan works ethically, preserving tradition from their community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Size: 8' x 10'

Pile: .25"

Each rug is handmade on a pedal loom by 5th generation Zapotec weavers.

The community of Mitla:

Mitla is the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca and the most important to the Zapotec culture. The name comes from the Nahuatl Mictlan which means "place of the dead". This ceremonial center was of great importance within their social hierarchy, destined for the political class, high religious and military commands. Mitla played an essential role in the worldview of its people. It was the link between the sacred and the profane, among the world of the living and the underworld. A shared ideology throughout Mesoamerica.

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