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White I-Beam Bookend

Made of steel architectural extrusions, these non-traditional bookends bring the fundamentals of building inside your home. Steel extrusions are beams that typically frame large structures, and in the non-industrial setting they are masked with drywall and paint. 

Instead of covering them up, the maker, Hannah B. Quinn wants to appreciate the forms: angle iron, square tubing, rectangular tubing, channel and I-beam. These simple, linear shapes are whimsical but strong, reminiscent of grade-school letters and building blocks. 

Use the bookends to organize and separate items on a shelf, or to hold them up. They also work splendidly as doorstops and art objects. Each form is powder coated in a clean, stand-out color and lined with a cork pad to prevent slipping. Mix and match as desired to add your personal touch.

Sizes vary, Depth is always 5 7/8"

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