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2020 Gift Guide

by Hannah Councill


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Whether it's a gift for someone you know or yourself (yes, you deserve it) these goodies are sure to steal the spotlight this holiday season. Here are some exciting handmade items that we have picked out from our shop, and why we love them:


1. Wooden Cocktail Sets

Hand-carved from 100% Tennessee hardwoods, this wooden cocktail set has all the essentials for creating delicious drinks. It is the ideal gift for the mojito lover in your life - which let's be real, is most people. 

$96 -  available in walnut and cherry. Shop now.











2. Colorful Dustpan Set  

For the artist, designer, or generally tidy (and stylish) person in your life, this is THE gift. Both beautiful and functional, these colorful dustpan block sets check all the boxes for a unique and artistic gift. 

$112 - available in 6 colors. Shop now.











3. Ceramic Butter Dish

What's the best thing since sliced bread? How about spreadable butter to put on it. Handmade in Brevard, North Carolina, these ceramic butter dishes make a beautiful addition to your kitchen countertop or dining table. It is the perfect gift to butter up someone special in your life.

$60 - available in 2 glazes. Shop now.










4. Hand-poured Soy Candle

We know what you're thinking, but yes, there IS a reason why scented candles make one of the best gifts to receive. These are hand-poured in Brevard, North Carolina, from 100% USA grown soy wax that is free of harsh chemicals. It is really the best way to set the scene for a cozy day in the house!

$20 - available in 5 scents. Shop now.










5. Leather Dopp Kit 

A full-grain leather dopp kit is a no-brainer for the men in your life. This beautiful bag will survive and thrive through a lifetime of ware and tear, and make the best travel companion imaginable. It also pairs perfectly with our other leather travel items.

$120 - available in 2 colors. Shop now.











6. Personalized Wooden Cutting Board 

When it comes to personalized gifts that will last a lifetime - a custom engraved cutting board takes the cake. Our boards are handmade from ethically sourced Appalachian hardwoods and can be embellished with unlimited potential. Popular engravings include but are not limited to: last names, wedding dates, geographic coordinates, hand-written messages, and company logos. 

Starting at $95 - available in 2 woods. Shop now.









7. Personalized Leather Journal

A recurring theme with many of the gifts in this list is how long-lasting they are built to be, and our leather journals are no exception. Available in three different sizes, leather tones, and inserts types, there are many different ways to gift these beauties. They lay perfectly flat when open, and can be customized with laser etching like our cutting boards. Examples of customization can be seen in the photos on the product page.

Starting $49 - $84. Shop now.









8. Turkish Towels 

Whether you are a travel junkie, or just have an affinity for soft and lightweight textiles, turkish towels are for you. Packable, fast-drying, and absorbent, these versatile towels can be used for so many different purposes in-home and on the go.

$25 - Available in 2 finishes and 3 colors. Shop now.










9. Ceramic Ring Dish 

Create an elegant display for your most beloved jewelry items with these ceramic ring dishes. They are the best way to show off your bling without it ending up a tangled mess, not to mention how pretty it will look atop your vanity or dresser.

$44 - Available in 2 glazes. Shop now.











10. Hand-turned Bowl

Lastly, but not least, we have our hand-turned wooden bowls. Made from finely selected Appalachian hardwoods, their heirloom quality make them the gift that keeps on giving. They also pair beautifully with our wooden salad servers to tie it all together!

$60 - $250. Available in a range of sizes & finishes. Shop now.










Wrapping things up.

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of our most giftable items for the this holiday season! Whether you are on the naughty or nice list, we wish you a fabulous end to 2020 (hoorah!). 

Incase you couldn't make up your mind, we also have these incremental gift cards that make the perfect stocking stuffer. Feel free to peruse our hand-printed wrapping paper to bundle it all up.












    Happy Holidays from 3oak!

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