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Creative and Thoughtful Gifts We Love To Give

by Andrea Hurt

So much heart and talent is poured into each handmade item we sell. We wish everyone could see the excitement and pride on the faces of our local makers and artists when they deliver their imaginative creations to the gallery. It’s even better when a customer is in the store to add to our loud oooohhs and ahhhhs. We’re also pretty thrilled and noisy when we open packages from our other small-shop vendors, who send us their creative goodness from Denmark, Belgium, Morocco, Colorado, California or nearby towns in North Carolina. It’s kind of Christmas every day at 3oak.

In the holiday spirit of supporting our makers, artists, and small-shop vendors from all over, here are a few in-stock ideas for thoughtful and imaginative gifts.


1. Charcoal Desk Organizer

Made of walnut and back-painted smoked glass by a Belgian artist, this clever system is actually four flexible pieces to organize anything from paperclips, mail, or keys in high style.

desk organizer

2. Cream-and-Sugar Set

Created exclusively for 3oak Handcrafted by potter Margaret Kimble, this charming and functional pair is equally at home in a modern or traditional kitchen. For an extra treat, include a bag of our Shou Sugi Bean coffee, a ridiculously delicious 3oak exclusive blend by Pisgah Roasters of Brevard.

cream and sugar set

3. Hand-Bound Book

Here’s your chance to write a loving note on the first page of a handmade paper journal for a very personal gift. Made by bookbinder Nicolette Ross, these one-of-a-kind books inspire doodles, poetry, and dreams. Heck, even a grocery list would be artsy and fun to write in these beautiful books. Available in store now and coming soon online!


4. Blackwing Rustic Box Set

You haven’t touched a real pencil until you use a Blackwing. This small California company with generations of craftsmanship uses the very best wood and the very best graphite to create—in their own words—an exceptional pencil. We happen to agree with their lofty assessment, and suggest pairing this set with one of our leather-bound journals or hand-bound books.

Rustic Box set

5. Wine Breather Deluxe

This gift may be rather hard to wrap up and give away. The illustrated instructions show how to invert the Winebreather Deluxe on the bottle and turn it upside down so the wine will flow into the carafe for ideal aeration. Not only is this a cool party trick, the wine will have 10 times the oxygen and thereby taste better. Designed by Norm Architects of Denmark, this gorgeous decanter also funnels leftover wine back into the original bottle for storage. So far, I’ve haven’t needed to use that particular feature.

wine breather deluxe

6. Emily Daws Signature Stockings

Organic patterns from nature inspire the up-and-coming textile artist Emily Daws. Her muted fabric creations derive from the Low Country near Charleston, South Carolina, and feature rice grains, bird’s feet, tea leaves, Spanish moss and more. Made of washable linen and cotton, these elegant stockings also feature a whimsical cotton pom-pom. Available in store only!

7. Fireside Blankets

A bestseller, our traditional Mexican blankets are super soft and pliable. The big-hearted company who makes them claims they get better with use and love. They are easy to wash and dry, which makes them great for yoga, picnics, fire pits, and keeping dog hair off the sofa. Each blanket is made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials, which makes this blanket a great gift to the planet too.

Horizons fireside blanket

8. Hand-Carved Pine Bowls

Our new pine bowls made by Javanese wood carvers are beautiful enough to hang on the wall or use as a centerpiece on a dining table. Butterfly joinery adds stability and beauty to each one-of-a-kind bowl. Add some whole walnuts and a gold nutcracker for a retro Christmas vibe.

9. Hand-Felted Pet Cave

Made from organic merino wool in Nepal, our luxury pet cave has been a big hit at my house. Who knew—but merino wool offers natural properties to keep pets cleaner and smelling better.  Any cat lover will fall in love with the soft and cozy construction and adorable photo opportunities.

hand felted cat cave

10. Washed Linen Apron

Handmade of 100% European Linen in Lithuania, this dreamy apron has deep pockets and is pre-washed for extra comfort and softness. Combine with our long-handled, wooden stir spoon and make your favorite cook feel particularly pampered.


linen apron



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